100+ FREE Weight Loss Tips – Starting Losing Weight Today!

free weight loss tipsIf you want to start losing weight today, then there are 100 free weight loss tips that I have compiled over the years I would like to share with you (and hopefully help you reach your goals). These tips have helped me personally lose weight and many of these tips have stood the test of time to be proven effective for many other people. These tips are sure to help you not only lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle, but to also develop a TON of motivation to start, continue, and FINISH your goals to get in shape!

Please Note – You DO NOT have to do every single tip in this list every day. This list is basically something for you to refer to so that you can pick out the things that will help YOU reach your goals quicker and easier. I highly recommend that you subscribe or bookmark this page for easy reference.

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Okay, Let’s Start Losing Weight Today! Here Are 100 FREE Weight Loss Tips (in no particular order)…

Free Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition

1.) Eat a lot of protein daily to boost your metabolism, burn fat, build muscle, and feel fuller. The best food sources to find a good amount of protein in are eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, nuts, dairy, and beans. For this nutrient, I highly recommend that you get it with every meal.

2.) Eat a moderate amount of fiber to improve your digestive system, boost your metabolism, feel fuller, and more. The best sources of fiber are beans, lentils, dark green veggies, whole grains, and certain fruits (such as apples).

3.) Get antioxidants in your diet to cleanse your body of toxins. Foods and drinks high in antioxidants are dark chocolate (YAY!), all types of teas (especially green), berries, and more.

4.) Add healthy fats (monounsaturated and omega fatty acids) into your diet to feel fuller, to improve your heart health, and more. Foods containing healthy fats are olive oil, nuts, fish oil supplements, and more.

5.) Do not eat too late at night to avoid causing your metabolism to slow down and store calories.

6.) Stay away from trans fat… period! Click here to learn more about the dangers of trans fat.

7.) Stay away from simple carbs (sugary foods and foods with starchy carbs) as much as possible. This type of food is the leading cause of obesity.

8.) Never skip breakfast! Doing so will slow your metabolism down and cause you to have stronger hunger pangs and strong sugar cravings later in the day.

9.) Eat lots of raw veggies. This will provide your body with tons of nutrients, you’ll feel fuller, and more.

10.) Get raw fruits in your diet. Same as above.

11.) Go nuts! Nuts such as almonds have lots of beneficial nutrients (such as healthy fat and protein). Due to the high calories, I recommend that you get a minimal amount each day (such as 1 – 2 ounces).

12.) Pay more attention to dark green leafy veggies. Dark green leafy veggies have lots of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants.

13.) Eat many different colors of veggies. There are different types of benefits from getting veggies of all colors.

14.) Have natural sweeteners (such as Stevia). It is important to avoid artificial sweetener’s as much as possible due to the harmful ingredients. Just recently I started getting the liquid extra Stevia (with French Vanilla flavoring), and this little bottle goes a LONG way! It tastes delicious too!

15.) Avoid drinking any type of soda (including diet). Regular soda is LOADED with sugar and diet soda contains aspartame.

16.) Avoid sugary juices.

17.) Use a juicer and make natural juices with fresh fruits and veggies. This is a very easy way to get your daily requirement of fruits and even veggies! You can also experiment with different combinations and make AMAZING drinks right at home!

18.) Eat raw veggies with every meal. Not only will you get the beneficial nutrients consistently throughout the day, you will also feel fuller with every meal.

19.) Have an apple before every major meal. This is a great way to feel fuller with every meal!

20.) Drink apple cider vinegar before every meal. Not only is organic apple cider vinegar EXTREMELY healthy for you in so many ways, drinking this before every meal is a great way to regulate your blood sugar level and make you feel full.

21.) Have protein, complex carbs, and healthy fat with every meal. Those 3 nutrients are the primary nutrients to feel full, build muscle, burn fat, lose weight, and improve your overall health.

22.) Never go on a low calorie diet. These diets slow your metabolism down.

23.) Never go on a low fat diet. Doing so will actually keep fat on your body! Go figure! It’s important to avoid diets like these because your body needs health fat (see #4 above).

24.) Never go on a low carb diet. Your body needs good carbs (such as fiber), and restricting it is only going to cause problems with your digestive system and your metabolism.

25.) Never starve yourself. This is a surefire way to slow your metabolism down, decrease motivation, cause problems with your digestive system, and cause you to binge on bad foods.

26.) Get whole wheat foods that have WHOLE WHEAT as the first ingredient.

27.) Eat normal during the day and eat lighter towards dinner and definitely during dinner. This helps your digestive system and will keep your metabolism running strong overnight.

28.) It’s okay to have cheat days, but in moderation. An important tip that I learned during my diet program was to NEVER have a cheat day during the first week or two. This is because during this time, you are the most vulnerable to back out of your diet program.

Free Weight Loss Tips

29.) Crave chocolate? Did you know that dark chocolate is actually good for you? It’s true! This is because dark chocolate has antioxidants in it. Just PLEASE make sure you only have a very small portion once in awhile since it is still high in bad carbs (sugar) and very high in calories. Also, I recommend you get natural organic dark chocolate.

30.) Egg whites are the healthiest part of an egg, but still get a small amount of the yolk since it does contain GOOD cholesterol… contrary to popular belief!

31.) Prepare your meals in advance. This is a great way to avoid making the excuse that you are tired to cook and then opt for take out food or fast food.

32.) Eat avocados since they are high in good fats (for heart health and fat loss), fiber (to feel fuller and help your digestive system), and antioxidants (to cleanse your body).

33.) Eat more white meats (lean chicken, lean turkey, fish). White meats are higher in protein and much healthier.

34.) Avoid red meats as much as possible. If you do have red meat, I highly recommend grass fed beef.

35.) Eat fruits in moderation because even though they are good for you, they are still high in simple carbs (sugar).

36.) As you lose weight, decrease calorie consumption. Otherwise, you’ll hit a weight loss plateau. Most people don’t realize this, and will continue to eat the same amount of calories even though they lost weight.

37.) If you get late-night carb cravings, then have a celery stalk with peanut butter (given that you are not allergic to peanuts of course). The combination of a high fiber and water content food (celery) with a high good fat and protein food (peanut butter) is perfect for satisfying not just your cravings, but also hunger pangs.

38.) Keep junk food out of your house and you won’t be tempted.

39.) On cheat days, keep it minimal… DO NOT go insane… especially during the beginning of your diet. *Remember the tip above to not have a cheat day during the first week or two of your diet.*

40.) Throw away your take out menus. This will only tempt you to call in an order for a large pepperoni pizza, cheese steak with fries, and a 2 litter soda! lol

41.) When you feel those annoying hunger pangs, sometimes it’s actually not “hunger”, it may be your body signalling to you that you are dehydrated. So, the next time you get hunger pangs, try to drink a good amount of water.

42.) Keep sandwich baggies of veggie slices, fruit slices, etc. for a quick snack whenever those temptations pop up, or whenever you are hungry in between meals.

43.) You don’t need to count calories. The most important thing to focus on are the nutrients you are eating. That being said, it obviously is still important to be aware of how much you are eating throughout the day.

44.) Eating LESS carbs and MORE protein in the morning has proven to be effective in preventing carb cravings later in the day.

45.) Keep your meal portions small. Eating too much at once puts too much pressure on your digestive system, and this is also a common way to slow your metabolism down.

46.) Decrease your salt intake. Too much salt will cause your body to retain water weight (which makes you feel bloated), and too much salt will cause a plethora of other health issues.

47.) If you drink milk, it’s best to have fat free organic, skim milk, almond milk, or soy milk.

48.) Want to drink healthy tea, but it’s during the Summer months? Have iced tea instead! In fact, you’re more likely to drink more tea if it’s cold. That just reminded me I need to make a new batch!

Free Weight Loss Tips – Boost Your Metabolism

49.) Eat more frequently throughout the day. This is a great way to skyrocket your metabolism and to keep yourself feeling full throughout the day.

50.) Drink at least 2 cups of green tea every day to satisfy hunger pangs and to boost your metabolism.

51.) Add spices (such as cayenne pepper and cinnamon) to your meals to help boost your metabolic rate.

52.) Having a cheat day once in a while will help boost your metabolism and will keep you from feeling deprived. Speaking of feeling deprived, this is something I strongly recommend you avoid have happening. Deprivation is the leading cause of diet failure. It’s okay if you are craving that slice of cheese cake like crazy, just get a small piece of it to satisfy your craving. Or better yet, why not make yourself healthier alternatives of foods you crave often?

53.) Improve your thyroid. Your thyroid controls your metabolism, and if you enhance it by eating more healthy fish and nuts, then you can also help boost your metabolism.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Fitness

54.) Always start an exercising regimen off slowly, and then increase the intensity as you become more physically fit. This will keep you more motivated to stick to your program, and it will keep you from getting an injury.

55.) Do high intensity interval cardio instead of steady state cardio when you are trying to lose pounds of fat. High intensity interval cardio (H.I.I.T for short) burns more calories, takes less time, increases your metabolism and your resting metabolism, and is actually more fun! Do steady state cardio to MAINTAIN an already in shape body.

56.) Do some type of light exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The reason being is because you will end up burning off STORED calories as opposed to calories from the foods you have eaten for the day. Make sure you don’t do too intense of a workout on an empty stomach, otherwise you will end up burning off muscle tissue.

57.) Do fun activities as your source of cardio (such as sporting activities). This is a perfect way to stay motivated with exercising!

58.) Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise regimen. I know this is a very generic recommendation you have heard several times before… BUT… NEVER take it lightly. It is vitally important to consult your doctor to ensure your body (heart, joint, cardiovascular system, etc.) can handle a particular exercise routine. Trust me on this… I’m speaking from experience… and not in a good way!

59.) Know the difference between pain and soreness. If you feel pain (such as a tweak or twinge)… STOP… if you are sore… NO EXCUSES… KEEP GOING!

60.) If you have a condition that requires rest from fitness or strenuous activities, then please do so and do not try and exercise through it (such as when I had patella tendinitis)!

61.) Keep a fitness journal to keep track of your progress. An excellent way to motivate yourself by seeing how far you have progressed with strength, stamina, etc.

62.) To speed up results, do 2 workouts a day. Once in the morning after breakfast and once in the evening at least a few hours before going to bed. Both workouts do not have to be long, but they must be intense (such as body weight exercises done in a circuit routine). Of course, unless you have an ample amount of time, I don’t recommend doing this by going to the gym twice a day. This is primarily for those who workout at home.

63.) To help yourself progress quickly with your exercises, always try to do better than your last workout. This is also an excellent way to boost your motivational levels.

64.) Never have coffee or some other type of caffeine after your workout.

65.) Have no equipment or a gym membership? Do body-weight circuit routines at home and get amazing results with both cardio and resistance training wrapped into one… and it’s much more faster than a traditional workout! Click here for a Youtube channel that I highly recommend for some cool workouts you can do RIGHT NOW!

66.) Always warm up before and stretch after a workout! I can not stress enough the importance of doing this. Please, don’t make the mistake I made early on by not paying attention to stretching and warming up. It is VERY important to do to avoid developing conditions with your joints and muscular function, to avoid injury, to avoid severe soreness, and more.

67.) Ensure that you do weight training exercises. Building lean muscle is by far the smartest thing you can do with fitness. Not only will you look amazing (no matter if you are a woman or man), building lean muscle will continue to burn calories well after the workout is done (sometimes called the “after burn” effect)!

68.) Working out home? Save money and get resistance bands! They won’t make you get huge muscles, but they certainly will tone you up and burn calories.

69.) Do compound weight training (working multiple muscle groups at once… such as squats and bench presses). You’ll build strength and muscle tissue quicker, plus you’ll burn off more calories.

70.) Have casein protein before going to bed. This helps your body build and repair muscle tissue while you sleep, and it’s also a great late night snack that doesn’t have a negative impact on your digestive system while you sleep! Also, getting casein protein is especially important if you are trying to build large muscles.

71.) If you are trying to build muscle, have whey protein as soon as you awake. The reason for this is because your muscle needs nourishment as frequently as possible… and since you have slept for up to 8 hours, your muscles are starving for their favorite nutrient… PROTEIN!

72.) Always ensure that you have fast digesting protein (whey) before AND after you workout. This will help build muscle during your workout and it will help you recover after your workout. Also, I recommend that you get a good simple carb food after your workout (such as a banana). This will help quickly deliver protein to your muscle tissue after a workout.

73.) Use a fitness ball to improve stability, strengthen your core, and to do several different types of exercises.

74.) One of the best total body exercises is swimming! This is also one of the best ways to decrease stress.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Supplementation

75.) Add a fish oil supplement to your daily supplement intake. Fish oil has a TON of benefits (including helping with fat loss, improving joint health, heart health, and more).

76.) When you take supplements, make sure that you only take them as supplements… not replacements.

77.) Avoid taking diet pills. Diet pills are not only dangerous and cause a TON of side-effects, they are also ineffective and WAY overpriced!

78.) Take a multivitamin based on your lifestyle and gender. There are many different types of multivitamins on the market today. And that’s a good thing. The reason why is because everyone requires different things. Multivitamins have different ingredients in them for let’s say: women, men, younger, older, active, having consistent joint problems, and more. Take a multivitamin that fits your specific situation for best results. Also, be sure to do a lot of research first before taking a multivitamin to ensure it is high quality. Oh, and one more thing… NEVER buy based off of price… buy based off of quality.

79.) The best type of protein powder to get is whey protein powder. It is fast digesting (as mentioned in #72 above), low in calories, low in carbs, and natural.

Free Weight Loss Tips – Motivation

80.) A surefire way to get and stay motivated is to keep a journal of your weight loss activities and progress.

81.) Find motivational stories to keep you inspired and motivated on your journey.

82.) It’s okay to make mistakes, just learn from them and avoid making them again.

83.) Never procrastinate… just do something… even if it is something very small (such as walking a further distance in the parking lot). Just consistently doing “something” is one of the best ways to overcome procrastination.

84.) Be realistic about your goals. The more realistic your goals are, the more willing you will be to stay committed.

85.) Start a weight loss plan according to your body… and not another persons body. Your body may not be able to handle a lot of these diets out here, and also certain exercise routines may not be for you. Customizing your diet and fitness (such as with this highly effective program I recommend here) will only help you reach your goals quicker, efficiently, effectively, and you’ll get very impressive results.

86.) Realize that achieving even the smallest of goals is one full step closer to your desired body.

87.) Subscribe to weight loss magazines for a source of great motivation, inspiration, and information.

88.) Subscribe to weight loss blogs such as my own blog, BodyRevamp.com. Weight loss blogs are typically written by people who are just like you… and you will find their blogs more “real” and connecting.

89.) Video tape your progress. Seeing yourself on video in comparison to photo or even writing down your progress has been proven to be more motivating.

90.) If you slip, stand back up… DO NOT QUIT! Just because you slipped and had that cheeseburger does not mean your diet is over! It’s okay. Just finish off the rest of the day on a positive note, and make the next day one of the best days ever with eating healthy and exercising.

91.) Everyday try to do better than the day before (with dieting, fitness, and willpower). This is a perfect way to build motivation and momentum.

92.) When you are tired, do something (exercise or some other activity)! This is a little psychological trick to help you become more self-disciplined!

Free Weight Loss Tips – General Tips

93.) Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Your body needs an ample amount of rest in order to build muscle, burn fat, keep your metabolism running strong, and more!

94.) Drink 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of fresh water daily. This will improve your overall health, cleanse your body, improve your metabolism, improve your digestive system, release water weight, and more!

95.) Never food shop when you are hungry! This is one surefire way to fall into a temptation trap! Don’t ask me how I know (lol)!

96.) Listen to music while you workout. It has been proven time and time again to be an excellent way to stay motivated during a workout. Make sure that it is music that get’s you pumped up… and that’s because sometimes you may need to get that “second wind”… and if you have an awesome song come on that pumps you up, that may be just what you need to push yourself over the top!

97.) Only weigh yourself once or twice a week. This is because of the fact that your weight is going to fluctuate a lot, and also because doing so too frequently can end up causing you to lose motivation if you are not seeing changes each time you weigh yourself.

98.) Weigh yourself first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and after you have went to the bathroom. This will give you the most accurate number.

99.) Make sure you cleanse your digestive system. This is better known as detox. Some of the best ways to detox is to drink more water (as mentioned above), getting more fiber in your diet, getting antioxidants in your diet, and drinking teas (especially green tea).

100.) Focus more on fat loss than weight loss. Doing things to burn off fat versus losing weight typically will mean that you will be doing things to boost your metabolism. If so, then not only will you lose dangerous body fat, you STILL lose weight, you maintain muscle tissue, and you’ll look many times better (more toned, more healthier, etc.).


1.) Carry a larger water container with you to make it easy for you to consistently drink water.

2.) It’s okay to drink coffee, just do so in moderation. I personally recommend 1 cup a day. Also, please ensure that you do not add MEGA calories to your cup of coffee (sugar, creamer, etc.). I recommend using a natural sweetener such as Stevia.

3.) Decrease alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol can affect consistent muscle growth, it can make you bloated, it can cause problems with your digestive system and kidneys, and it can add on several pounds as well.

4.) Make sure that you are losing body fat… not muscle. The best way to ensure this is happening is by following the tip in #100.

5.) Get a heart rate monitor watch to keep track of how many calories you are burning throughout the day and/or during your workout. Not only will this help you keep track of your progress, this will also help you get motivated as well. I highly recommend you get a heart rate monitor that has a feature where you can enter in your current body weight. This way you’ll get as accurate a number as possible.

6.) Never try to spot reduce fat loss/weight loss (such as just trying to lose fat off your arms). When you lose weight/burn fat, your TOTAL body is reaping the benefits… and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!

7.) Never attempt to lose more than 3 pounds a week, unless you are doing a detox, or if you have been strictly following all the core principles of dieting and exercising (such as NEVER starving yourself and NEVER over-training). Also, once you start drinking more water, you may actually lose A LOT of weight in the beginning… as this is because your body is releasing water weight. If this happens, then this is safe. It’s when you start losing too much body weight too quickly that you’ll have a problem.

8.) Decrease stress in your life since too much of it can make it difficult for you to lose weight. Besides, too much stress releases a chemical called cortisol. When too much of this chemical is released, it is stored around your abdomen area as fat!

9.) LAUGH! Laughing reduces stress, can literally burn off calories, helps your immune system, and can help increase your energy!

10.) Do deep breathing exercises to help lower your stress levels, anxiety, increase energy, and more. Trust me, it works!

11.) Try to stay as active as possible. Never sit for too long. Staying active as much as possible burns off a ton of calories (obviously), and it will help you naturally become more active.

12.) Improve your posture. Bad posture forces the body to keep it upright, and the energy that is used to do this is taking away from the energy you need to stay active and exercise. Also, bad posture is a surefire way to get an injury from exercising… especially on the lower back.

In Closing…

I hope that this mega list of free weight loss tips to help you start losing weight today has been helpful and motivating! Simply go through the list, choose which tips you want to apply to your weight loss plan, and stay consistent. Before you know it, you’ll have the body of your dreams. Also make sure that the diet program you go on is 100% natural. This way you’ll be guaranteed AMAZING results. Again, you check out which programs have been proven effective time and time again at http://HealthyBodyPrograms.com.

Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back to it for reference, and if you found this information valuable, please share it with your friends and family! Also, I just want to mention that these tips are not the end all be all of weight loss tips. There are plenty of other amazing tips, tricks, and strategies for getting in better shape and health. Therefore, I will continue to update this list in the future, and if you want to share some awesome tips you have yourself, as I mentioned before, please do not hesitate to share with everyone below!

If you have any questions, comments, extra tips you wish to share, or if you want to share you progress, etc., then please feel free to comment below… and let me know if these tips are working out for you!

Good luck!

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